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The Dress – The Hunt Begins

You’ve told your friends and family that you are getting married, you’ve set a date, worked out a budget, viewed a few venues and now it’s time to start the hunt for ‘The Dress’ – but where do you begin? There is an abundance of wonderful dress designs to choose from. There has never been so much choice! From bias … Continue reading

Decadence, Glitz and Glamour

The new spring sun glistens on every surface it greets, pushing it’s way through the seemingly never-ending rain clouds! We all need a little warmth after the wettest winter in living memory so remember ‘all that glitters’ is not just another puddle reflecting the light, but the suns rays reaching out to put heart-lifting colour back in to nature. Gold … Continue reading

The Month of Romance. St Valentine’s Cupids are hard at Work

Perhaps you always imagined a simple wedding, nothing too grand or over stated. Maybe a small ceremony abroad, just the two of you! Somewhere in the planning stages, ideas can change. You didn’t think you could fall in love all over again but ‘WOW’ the last venue viewed made you catch your breath and it will even accommodate for the … Continue reading

Out With The Old – In With The New!

The Christmas season draws to an end, the tree is relegated to the far end of the garden with one solitary bauble hanging from a bare bedraggled branch that was once laden with tinsel covered pine needles and the subtle hint of fragrant alpine freshness. The fairy lights have lost their sparkle, hidden away in a dark box in the … Continue reading

Christmas Inspiration – Dressing for Winter

I have never been one for an overly themed wedding but if ever there is a time of year to embrace a theme it has to be ‘Christmas’ with all it has to bring from festive decorations, long crisp winter nights and goblets of hot mulled wine. However, you celebrate the ideas that can influence your wedding which are as … Continue reading